The reason I am a photographer is because there is nothing else in this world that I would rather do. It gives me a buzz, every time I pick up the camera I feel connected, I feel alive… There is nothing like seeing a beautiful moment, sensing and feeling it’s raw and natural beauty and capturing it with all of those feelings, the mood, the intensity, in just the right way.

I am a wife, and a mother to a gorgeous little boy who is so damn cute I’d eat him if I could lol!

I absolutely love sunsets, and if you book a session with me it is very likely we will get to experience the beauty of one together. I really love a good coffee (my husband was a barista for 6 years so I’ve been a little spoilt with good coffee) chocolate is pretty high up there on my list of indulgences as well as a really good glass of wine and a whisky sour just for fun.

I love live music, I love the energy in a room full of people letting go and getting into the music, the fire of the band or performer laying it all out and moving you with every note & every word.

I also really love a cozy night in with a blanket, my two boys and a really good movie, tickle fights and laughing until my face hurts and I can’t breathe, you know; the simple things…. 🙂

I’d also really love to get to know you, what moves you, what you love, who you are, how you met, where you came from; I’d love to know your story.


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