Bethany and Domonic’s beautiful Wollongong wedding was held at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral and the Reception at the lovely Ruby’s Restaurant in Mt Kembla. Their wedding day was so full of joy and love, it was easy to see how head over heels they are for each other . Their families pitched in an helped with the planning and even crafted some of their beautiful decorations and made it a very personal and intimate occasion.

It was an absolutely crazy windy day but we managed to stay nice and warm for the most part. But nothing can beat that beautiful winter light. You’ll see further down how beautiful and golden the light was, like thick sweet honey.

It was so lovely to hear the stories of how they met, their first date, (which involved poor Bethany ending up in hospital, that will be one to tell the grand kids one day!) and beautiful anecdotes from their loved ones about how loved they are as individuals and as a couple. These are the moments I love at weddings. The moments when I get to learn more about these two beautiful people who are joining their lives and seeing how their love touches and affects their family and friends.

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