When I got a phone call from Melanie Kellermann, asking me to photograph her family, I think my heart skipped a beat. I have been admiring Melanie’s beautiful work for a few years now (if you haven’t seen her amazing newborn portraits, do yourself a favour and look them up!) I was amazed and jumped at the chance to capture her and her gorgeous family.

I had an absolute ball at this session! I love how real and full of happiness all of these moments are, and I think Seven Mile beach has to be on the top of my list for favourite locations to shoot. I was so honoured to spend time with these beautiful people, I pinch myself some days. How lucky am I!! Enjoy!!2016-02-07_00042016-02-07_00142016-02-07_00112016-02-07_00092016-02-07_00072016-02-07_00062016-02-07_00052016-02-07_00102016-02-07_00152016-02-07_00172016-02-07_00182016-02-07_00122016-02-07_00132016-02-07_00162016-02-07_00192016-02-08_00222016-02-07_00202016-02-07_00272016-02-07_00252016-02-07_00262016-02-07_00242016-02-07_00232016-02-07_00282016-02-07_00312016-02-07_00332016-02-07_00302016-02-07_00322016-02-07_00392016-02-07_00382016-02-08_00242016-02-08_00032016-02-08_00042016-02-08_00052016-02-08_00062016-02-08_00072016-02-08_00082016-02-08_00152016-02-08_00092016-02-08_00102016-02-08_00112016-02-08_00122016-02-08_00132016-02-08_00232016-02-08_00142016-02-08_00202016-02-08_00162016-02-08_00172016-02-07_00032016-02-08_0018


What a gorgeous family and as always such natural shots you’ve captured Joy. ????????

Wow, what a humbling experience and what incredible shots Joy! Cant wait for you to shoot our wedding!

What a cool family, so much love! Gorgeous images x

Thank you so much Lauren! xo

Cute session! Love the moody beach look.

Thank you Kate!! I love the moody beach look too! x

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