Making beautiful heartfelt images and capturing heartfelt moments in time is what I live for, it is my purpose. Each image is a reflection of my love for life, for people and for the world I live in. I hope that you can see a piece of my heart in each and every image that I make and in turn see how beautiful I feel that you are.

Family is also very important to me, in what ever form it comes in. Your immediate family, the family of friends that you build for yourself over the years or whatever form family takes for you, having a support base and someone backing you and showing you what love is, is invaluable.

This beautiful family is a part of my incredible family of friends, and has been a part of my Husbands family of close friends for about 20 years. They all grew up together, and both Leah & Eric have had an impact on his life, so much so that my husband made sure to thank them in his speech when we were married for showing him, just by being together and being a part of his life, what love is all about.

So when they asked me to capture their brand new family together I knew how special it was going to be. I am now able to reflect back to them the love that they put out into the world.

Hendrix is such a beautiful little man, he has these magnificent bright sparkly eyes that you can’t help but gaze into, and Mahani is such a sweet, proud and loving big sister. You can see the impact their love has on each other, it is limitless and so because of this, so are their futures. Their lives are all so much richer for having each other.



Stunning family, stunning photos! Amazing!

Such a precious moment in time captured here. I absolutely love the tone of your photos joy, always so natural and organic 🙂

Thank you very much Hannah!! 🙂

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