This gorgeous maternity session with my very beautiful friend Nat is definitely up there with my all time faves. I absolutely love the mood and colour palette, it suits her to a tee. I have been so lucky to have been able to capture these gorgeous moments before the birth of many of my friends babies, and I feel so fortunate that I am able to show them the love that they are and the love they have created. It is such a special time in one’s life and should be celebrated. Even though at times it can seem as if time is standing still, this time is so fleeting.

There are events in your life that stop you in your tracks and make you really live in the moment. Growing a tiny human is one of those moments. The little kicks and jabs, the changes your body goes through, the heaviness; all make you slow down, they make you take notice. When we stop and take notice, when we take joy in being in the moment, we are really living.

Nat has worked so very hard over the past few years on developing an app, (her other baby) for busy mums and babes to help find those moments of clarity where we can take notice and be in the moment, as well as to help foster self nurture and self care. The app is called Zen Mum & Bub and can be found in the App store. You can also check it out here http://zenmumandbubapp.comMaternity PhotographyBoho maternity shootBohemian maternity Photography, pregnant woman on turquoise door Wollongong maternity sessionMaternity session, wollongong Lifestyle maternity shoot


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